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Call Now – Drug Testing Immediate Service

A woman wearing a phone headset in a call center

All of our drug tests are readily available with one phone call to: 866-843-4545.

Online ordering always available 24/7.

Whether you are an individual looking to get a drug test done today or an employer looking to get a pre-employment drug test done today, one easy phone call can accomplish your objective.

Our customer service representatives are standing by and will assist you with three easy steps.

  1. Determine which drug or alcohol test you need
  2. Determine where you are located and match up a local testing center
  3. Complete your order over the phone and e-mail you a donor pass to take into the testing center for immediate service.

Your test results can then be e-mailed or faxed to you or other parties you designate.

A person filling out a form with checkboxes

What you need for the drug test order:

  • Donor Name
  • Donor SSN # or employee ID # or other identification
  • Donor zip code, phone and e-mail address
  • Where do you want to results to be sent – e-mail or secure fax
  • Payment processing – debit or credit card.

Call today 866-843-4545 for immediate service for drug testing anywhere in the United States, it is one easy phone call.

Locations for drug and alcohol tests available nationwide in all areas of the United States